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Monday, March 8, 2010

Yeti slippers

I've been wanting to do one of those knit/felt slipper patterns for a while. (I've had a kit from Wild & Woolly in the stash for a few years). Making the coasters has given me a taste, so out came the big fat needles (so not me) & here's the result:

Slippers that are so huge they look like they'd fit a yeti. They weren't terrifically long though. So rather than throw them in my front loader & hope for the best, it was back to the kitchen sink. One hour later, I'm exhausted, & they now look like this:

Sorry for the crappy photo, but as you should be able to make out, they're not quite so big anymore. When they first went into the water, they stretched rather alarmingly (how much bigger could these things get?!) But after a while (a long while) they started to shrink. They are now a perfect fit, but look rather boring. I'm thinking they'd be a good canvas for some needle felting ...


  1. I don't know about boring--dressing them up should be fun--but they sure do look comfortable and warm. And the shape is great.

  2. they look GREAT! what a fantastic canvas for some embroidery... wanna try some silk?

  3. I love these - where did you get the pattern?