All knitting, all spinning, all the time

All knitting, all spinning, all the time

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Yay! It's a FO!!

Hooray! I now have one less UFO. (Does that mean I get to start another one? Lol!)

This is an absolute cutie:

I just adore the little peas in their pods, the little stems on the pods, the tendrilly curls on the tip of the hood!!

Hmmm ... Blogger seems to want to flip this one sideways. Oh well.
I used 3 heart shaped shell buttons, with crochet loops. (Thanks Miss D for your advice, it really was much easier than the instructions made out!)

The only part I didn't really enjoy was sewing all the picot edging down. It has picots on every edge which adds to the cuteness factor, but I was soooo glad when it was all done.
Gorgeous pattern too - knitted all in one piece. Just a few stitches to graft at the shoulders & that was it. The top of the hood was done using a 3 needle bind off.
Love love love it!!!

Thursday, 11 October 2012


I seem to be suffering from a bout of startitis.  Normally I have two, three or sometimes even four projects on the go so I can chop & change between projects as the mood takes me.  A travelling sock, a blanket I started nearly two years ago & maybe a cardigan or shawl.

I had a bit of a rude shock this week when I had to do the obligatory tidy-up for a routine rental inspection.  Let's get the lounge chair-side projects tidied up so we don't freak out the real estate person too badly ... lol!!

Can you guess how many projects were hiding in there?  Not four.  Not six.  Try doubling it.  That's right - TWELVE!!  Oh my goodness!  What happened?!

This new addiction hasn't helped:

Mitred Crosses.  Spotty has a new yummy yarn which is 25% silk 75% wool with scrummy long colour changes like Noro.  I'm bordering it with some purple Bendi 8ply & I think I'm in love.  It's ALL garter stitch which I thought would be brain meltingly boring, but I'm hooked.  I should be finishing off some of my UFO's (including a baby cardi that I really want done in the next couple of weeks) but I'm utterly helpless to the charms of the Mitred Crosses.  I'm seriously considering buying some more so I can make another blanket in a different colourway.  (Just what I need on the approach to what is promised to be a pretty revoltingly hot & sticky summer - a third blanket project!)

Just one more square ...