All knitting, all spinning, all the time

All knitting, all spinning, all the time

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Help! I'm being invaded!

My lovely friend D challenged me to another "off".  She crochets, & I knit the same object.  It's usually a great giggle so when she challenged me to a "Dalek - off" I couldn't resist.  I don't actually watch Dr Who (don't know why, just never got into it the way I love series like Stargate or Buffy) but the challenge of knitting a dalek appeals to my inner nerd!

I may be in trouble though ...

No sooner had I finished the final seam & turned around to grab my camera,  it escaped!  I ran outside to find it extermiknitting some poor defenceless pot plants.

Then it hovered over & attacked a cute dragon sculpture.

I then chased it all over the backyard.

Before finally capturing it!  Does anyone have a spare cat carrier I can keep this cuddly evil thing in before it gets up to any more mischief?
Oh no!  I think it's found my comput ...


Saturday, 7 January 2012

Being brave

After many, many (many) years knitting things that go on the top half of my body & things that cover feet (LOTS of things that cover feet) I stumbled across a really cute pattern for a skirt.  I have a subscription to Interweave Knits and the Swirl Skirt in the Summer 2011 issue just jumped out at me.  I resisted - knitted skirts tend to sag in the derriere area after you've been sitting down in them for any length of time.  Not a Good Look.  The pattern called my name again.  I weakened slightly & looked on Ravelry (where I am Knitspingirl - huge surprise there!)  It seems that because this skirt is knit on the bias (diagonally) derriere sagging isn't a problem.  But I didn't have the 8ply cotton the pattern called for.  Good excuse, hey?  Then a Bendigo Woollen Mills envelope arrived in the mail announcing big discounts for a short time on all yarns, but especially cotton.  My fate was sealed.

I cast on as soon as my pretty blue cotton arrived, striping it out with some varigated wool from the stash in blues/purples/greens.  I love it!  I finished it off this morning with the lovely company of friends in Evoke, which made the boring task of whip-stitching the waistband down bearable (thanks girls!)

I don't normally wear skirts this short, but I kinda like it!  It's a bit clingy & hugs my curves a bit, but it's super comfy.  Now I just hope it doesn't sag!!