All knitting, all spinning, all the time

All knitting, all spinning, all the time

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Milestone birthday

My birthday was a couple of weeks ago.  A big one.  One that ends in an "0".  I decided that I wanted it to be a good one, & set about plotting & planning for my big day.

I managed to get my beautiful daughter up from Melbourne for the week (yay!).  This is what she & my gorgeous friend D got up to while I was away at Tafe the night before.

There was more inside.  Flowers pinned to the dalek, pom-poms on pillows ...

Love it!

On the big day I was treated to a yummy cooked breakfast at home & coffee at a lovely cafe (Just Grounds).

I had invited most of my friends (& family) to dinner at a local Pub restaraunt (The Terrace) which has a magnificent view from its balcony of ... the carpark.  Nevermind, the food is good & the company even better.

And of course we can't forget the cake!  A true showstopper.  Everyone in the restaurant came over to have a look & take photos of the magnificent creation my friend Julie from Cakes Unleashed made.

EVERYTHING you see is edible. (Oh, except for the little sheep's knitting)  An absolute masterpiece.  And really yummy too!