All knitting, all spinning, all the time

All knitting, all spinning, all the time

Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Lismore Yarn Guerillas strike again!

Before the sun was up, the Lismore Yarn Guerillas were up & painting the town red ... with yarn.

Today (the 1st of December) is World Aids Day & to help bring awareness & reduce stigmas of Aids & HIV.  We were lucky enough to be the recipients of some grant money! So with lots of plotting, planning & secretive giggling we formulated a plan.

Red is the colour of the Aids/HIV awareness ribbon, so red it would be!

We even made it onto the local NBN 6 o'clock news!  It should be available to view online, but I'm unsure how to find it.  If you do manage to find it, try & find the sleep-deprived deliriously daft cheerleader!
(omg it's me - cringe)

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