All knitting, all spinning, all the time

All knitting, all spinning, all the time

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Another Sandwich

After my friend D & I had been blathering on to Miss E from Evoke about what fun it is to make/spin a fibre sandwich, we decided to take over the table in her store & just MAKE one!  It was only a smallish sandwich, as there were only 4 of us (Miss N - baby spinner joined the fun), so it was nice & easy to just divide it into 4 equal parts.  Here's mine:

We had all kinds of fluff including silk roving, but decided to hold off on the wilder things we could add.  No marshmallows!  (Cotton balls)

I decided to use this:

To create these:

Which spun into singles looked a little like this:

And plied together to produce 150 grams of this:

Now what?  It's more pinky than the photo suggests, & quite smooth.  About an 8ply.  I really like the way it's turned out - I've never plied a fibre sandwich with itself before.  It's muted the bits of stark white quite nicely & happily there don't seem to be any spots where white is plied with white.
Hmmm - I was feeling a little stressed while I was spinning it & therefore it's slightly overspun (bad habit I know, whenever I'm tense it transfers into my spinning no matter what I do).  Maybe a hat or two for my market bag?

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  1. what about a little carry bag--the slightly overspun would make it nice and strong:)