All knitting, all spinning, all the time

All knitting, all spinning, all the time

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

4 FO's.

I may have been absent from the blog for a while, but I definately haven't been absent from my knitting!
I'm still struggling to find inspiration though ...

I asked my beautiful daughter what I should knit (not socks, which is her usual response). "How about a facewasher?"
Half a day later, & I have this cutie kitty facewasher finished. It's in her favorite colour when she was just a littlie - "lellow!" It has sparkles too. (I can now post the photo, as she has it in her hot little hands.)

Hmmm, what next? I need something else to break the monotony of socks. Stash-diving produced a few balls of 8ply acrylic in that self-patterning design I find so irresistable.

Meet a little size 2 jumper destined for the market bag.
Now what? Socks!

Swirly girl pattern, in a poorly chosen yarn -it fights the pattern a bit too much.
More socks!
Birch leaf socks knitted in Evoke's scrummy Drift 4ply in colour Apple. My photo sucks, so have a look at Elissa's much better ones. I gave these socks to her. I love this yarn - it's so squooshy & soft.
That's it for finished projects for now, but I do have two(!) more pairs of socks on the go. One pair of Pyroclstics in Evoke's Cash 4ply Sock yarn (yes, it has cashmere in it!), & I've just been commissioned for another pair of plain(ish) socks for Christmas. My first paid pair! Pics will be posted when they're finished.

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