All knitting, all spinning, all the time

All knitting, all spinning, all the time

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Some more FO's & a touch of insanity

As promised, here are some more piccies of FO's.

First up, these are my first ever commissioned socks!

Next we have a pair of Pyroclastic socks in Evoke's Cash 4ply (10% cashmere - very lush).

They have a really groovy shaped arch that hugs your foot beautifully (even if they are a wee bit on the snug side). Love 'em!

And lastly is a little touch of insanity (what was I thinking?!). This is going to be an Icarus shawl in Evoke's Caress Cobweb. The meterage on this one is a staggering 1200 meters to 100 grams!! Very yummy though, & squishably soft - 70% baby alpaca, 20% silk, & 10% cashmere.

The colour is "merlot", & it's actually a second - there are a few spots of a brighter red here & there that aren't meant to be there, but you have to look really close, & it's not obvious. 3.25mm needles if you're curious about that sort of thing. There's a 5 cent coin to give you some sort of an idea how fine this yarn is. I've never knitted with anything this fine before - I must be mad. (I have visions of this becoming an eternal shawl 2.0)


  1. Wow--I do like your take on insanity . . . merlot with a spot:)

  2. the socks are realy pretty and i hope that this dosent becoe an eternal shawl no.2