All knitting, all spinning, all the time

All knitting, all spinning, all the time

Friday, 4 January 2013

New year, new me

A new year has arrived and I would dearly love to courageously tackle new challenges instead of doing my usual curl up on the couch with a yummy skein of yarn, a cup of tea, fingers in ears ... LALALALALA!!!

To that end, I hope to find a little bit of work. Just a day or two a week, nothing too stressful. If I can earn a bit of money whilst being useful somewhere, I think that'll help me feel a bit better about myself & less of a burden on society. I know, I'm on a disability pension for a reason, but still. I completed a business admin course part-time last year (yay!) so I'd like to put that new found knowledge to use.

I've also let some of my craft work slide, so I hereby reinstate "Fridays are for Spinning"!

And I'd like to learn a new skill with a little rigid heddle loom that came into my possession last year. I've acquired most of the missing pieces, so no more excuses!

I'd also like to finish off some of my long standing UFOs. I have at least one in the basket that I started two years ago. I don't have a PHD in knitting for nothing!! (Projects Half Done) Lol!!

Hmmm ... it seems Blogger isn't in the mood to let me upload photos at the moment. (Naughty Blogger!) I'll have to try again later. I've finished a blanket! (Yeah, yeah, I know. Perfect summer project. Rofl!!)

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  1. Hope you find your way in your new paths, my friend. Congrats on finishing the business admin course!