All knitting, all spinning, all the time

All knitting, all spinning, all the time

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Where did my mojo go?

Hmmm ...

New year, big plans, my mojo flies out the window. (If you spot it, could you send it back?) Mind you, this horrible humid heat we've been having hasn't helped. I think my mum had the right idea - she wanted to be like a reverse bear & hibernate all summer. I much prefer snuggling up with my nice warm woolies to contemplating how to install myself permantly with a deck chair & my knitting in the dairy aisle in Woolies.

Blogger still doesn't want to play nice & let me upload piccies yet either. :'(

At least I've tried to keep up with "Fridays are for Spinning." I've spun up some lovely pale blue/grey merino with white silk slubs. I plyed it with some cornflower blue merino I had leftover from something else on one of my bobbins. (I need to spin some more 'cause I didn't have quite enough on the bobbin - lucky I had more roving.) Not sure if I really like it, but there you go. When I've finished that one then I can reward myself with something from the "yummy" pile!

As far as the knitting goes, it's all a big blah. After finishing the blankie (which I was obsessed with) I just can't seem to find anything that grabs me. Believe it or not, not even socks!

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