All knitting, all spinning, all the time

All knitting, all spinning, all the time

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Warm up

Isn't it funny the way ones perfectionism tendandcies come out? I don't normally do samples - I usually leap right in & hope for the best. (Whoever heard of sampling for a fibre sandwich?!)

I've been having a fun break from spinning the unending white by spinning some fibre sandwich from a while ago. I wanted to experiment a little with preparing it a little first before embarking on the "good" fibre sandwich all the way from Harrietville. First I ran the sandwich through my handcarders to slightly homogonize it & make it easier to spin (got to break up those cotton balls a bit otherwise they seem to fly all over the room instead of go where they should!). Then I spun up some purple fibre from the Blue Knob Gallery (I've been told that purple is the best colour to ply sandwiches with) & plied the two together.

I'm quite pleased with the result - a nicely balanced, not too bobbly yarn. Don't know what I'm going to do with it yet - it's only 84 grams. But as a test skein, I'm pleased.

Now for the real thing!

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  1. Blue knob gallery sounds like a good thing! And sampling a fibre sandwich is almost an oxymoron, but it looks good.