All knitting, all spinning, all the time

All knitting, all spinning, all the time

Tuesday, 16 November 2010


I was scrounging in the bottom of my knitting bag for something or other & found a long forgotton challenge. Earlier this year (much earlier) my lovely friend D challenged me to a duel. A dodecohedron-off. We had come across a pattern for a twelve-sided star - a crocheted one & a knitted one. D prefers crochet to knitting, & I prefer knitting to crochet - perfect. Before long, D had finished hers:
She bemoaned the fact that her points weren't very pointy, but rather rounded & boob-like. We giggled that it looked a bit like Madonna on steroids, or maybe some sort of fertility object.
I started my knitted one, but only got two points in before running out of steam, & the sorry little Barbie-bra-like object (you join the points together as you go) was shoved into the depths of my knitting bag. Yesterday, looking for something (anything) to knit, it surfaced. The challenge remembered, I resumed knitting. As the star grew, I was feeling quite pleased with it. I was using some left-over self-patterning sock yarn, & as I'm a simple soul who is endlessly amused by these sorts of yarns. It was fun wondering what colours the next point would be.
Eleven points in & I was now really pleased with it. Nice pointy points, not at all boob-like. I began stuffing it, before picking up the stitches for the last point. No matter how much I stuffed the stuffing, I couldn't get it to stay in the tips of those points.

Meet my knitted dodecohedron star. A little ball of boobs ... with nipples!


  1. It's great--laughing, giggling, smiling great! Dare I ask what the designer's original intention might have been . . . ???!!!!

  2. Thanks!
    The "Celestine Star" was originally intended as either a xmas tree-topper, or as a childrens soft toy.
    I've had a great time looking at all the finished stars on Ravelry & reading the comments. One knitter thought hers looked so boob-like she named it in honour of the late Douglas Adams "The triple breasted whore of ..." ...!!

  3. Hahaha, that is LOL funny. I could imagaine a small person cuddling it. I would like to see the looks that parent and small person get from others when said small person decides that it relly is rather boob-like...