All knitting, all spinning, all the time

All knitting, all spinning, all the time

Friday, 7 September 2012

Worst. Injury. Ever.

Ok maybe not the worst ever.

I was cleaning up one of my Spinning Group's wheels in preparation for a demonstration outing at Cape Byron Steiner School next weekend, when the treadle flicked off it's hook & eye attachment, bending back my right index fingernail with it. Owww! I was quite surprised I didn't swear given the level of pain. I guess I was too busy curling my body protectively round it (& not breathing. At all.) I finally gained the courage to look at it, thinking the whole nail must have come off, or at least ripped substantially. The nail's still there - and in one piece! Miracle. There's a white line half-way up my nail where it folded (ouch) & quite a bit of blood at the time, but other than that - not much evidence of trauma. However it is VERY sore, & I appear to be somewhat of a slow learner.

Sigh, bored. I know, I'll knit!  ... ow - bugger.
I'll send a friend an sms! ... ow - bugger.
I'll knit a sock! ... ow - bugger.
I'll open a can of soft drink as a treat! ... OW - bugger.
I'll knit a cardigan! ... ow - bugger.
How about some of blankie? He's soft! ... ow - bugger.
Oooo I know! I'll check my emails & surf the net for a while!! ... ow - bugger.
Maybe if I knit something small, like a flower ... ow - bugger.

You don't realise how much you use the tip of your index finger on your dominant hand until it hurts every time you do. Here's hoping my finger heals quickly. My knitting is a form of sanity saving for me & I'm not always a nice person to be around if I can't knit ...
(Just ask my beautiful daughter what I'm like when I'm in between projects!)

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