All knitting, all spinning, all the time

All knitting, all spinning, all the time

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Free pattern ...

Here's a little gift for you.  This is my interpretation of an AIDS molecule ... a bit of fun.


Worked in the round.

Cast on 6sts using figure 8 method.

R1: Kf&b all sts (12sts)
R2: K
R3: K1, Kf&b; rep from (18sts)
R4: K
R5: K2, Kf&b; rep from (24sts)
R6: K
R7: K3, Kf&b; rep from (30sts)
R8: K
R9: K4, Kf&b; rep from (36sts)
R10: K
R11: K8, Kf&b; rep from (40sts)
R12-14: K
R15: K8, K2tog; rep from (36sts)
R16: K
R17: K4, K2tog; rep from (30sts)
R18: K
R19: K3, K2tog; rep from (24sts)
R20: K
R21: K2, K2tog; rep from (18sts)
R22: K

(stuff ball at this point)

R23: K1, K2tog; rep from (12sts)
R24: K
R25: K2tog; rep from (6sts)

Cut yarn & thread through rem sts on needle.

For suckers, place these wherever you feel they are appropriate, however many you like.

Pick up 4 sts (2sts in one row, & 2sts in the row directly above).
Work 2 rounds on these 4sts, then:
R3: Kf&b in each st (8sts)
R4: Kf&b in each st (16sts)

Cast off & darn in ends.

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