All knitting, all spinning, all the time

All knitting, all spinning, all the time

Monday, 3 January 2011

Time for a minor de-stash

Part of searching for a new knitting/spinning project, is to go stash-diving. When you delve into the deep, dark recesses of the stash, inevitaby (or maybe this is just me) you come across yarn that makes you think - "What was I thinking?"

Time for some of it to go.

Although I could knit this stuff up & either sell it or give it away as useful articles, I know I probably never will. (Some of this stuff is just nasty, & knitting it first won't make a blind bit of differance to the quality - it'll just make me miserable) There's a fair bit of acrylic in those bags, along with some muppet road-kill, & it's all going. I don't know where it's going yet. We're having a swap day at my spinning group next month, so I may see if anybody else wants it, & I might even get something nice in return. If nobody wants it (that's what I suspect), there's no way I'm letting it back into the stash (it's plastic boxes have already been filled with new purchases - whoops!). Maybe a craft group somewhere might take it off my hands?

And after all this effort? I haven't found a new project yet ...

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  1. that looks like a reasonable effort at de-stashing in my books and please, please, I need to see a picture of muppet road kill (!)